Valentine’s Day: what (not) to wear

You were expecting a post about the right outfit for Valentine’s day, weren’t you? Maybe a nice , flirty dress, perfect for a romantic, candlelight dinner with your Valentine. Well, sorry gals, you’re not getting it. Why not? I don’t mind Valentine’s day at all. Except maybe for the chocolate, just as any other day of the year. Plus, I need to see clearly what’s on my plate while I’m eating so candlelight dinners are not good for me.
Instead I would like to spend some time talking about those orrifying clothes we wear when we’re at home, thinking that no one could see us. Here’s the thing: our boyfriends/husbands live with us, so they can see us.

The pajamas

Have you noticed that women in the movies are always wearing a sexy, silky baby doll as pajamas? In reality, when we go to bed we usually wear a soft, warm pajamas made of polyester and probably with some bears or kittens on it. It’s not sexy? Forget sexy! I’m cold!

pigiamone Bridget Jones

The funny slippers

It doesn’t matter if we are not teenagers anymore. We can’t resist a pair of cozy slippers. Even better if they look like an animal. No need to say they are the perfect match for the pajamas above.


Those are actually really nice, and they can be heated just via a USB port!

The sweatpants

Do you remember the American housewives from the 50’s? Always nicely dressed, with hair and nails perfectly done, wearing heels even while scrubbing the toilet. Well, reality is a bit different. Once we get home from work we instantly change into our dearest garment: the sweatpants. Sweatpants are cozy, comfortable and nice to us. They let us breathe. Not like those jeans that I am almost certainly positive have shrunk in the last few months.

casalinga anni 50

The hair clip

Universally recognized as a symbol for sloppiness, a few years ago it was the subject of a controversy when Hillary Clinton decided to wear it while attending an official event. Her outfit was actually good (well, for her standards): nice suits, nice jewelry. But the only thing on which media focused what was it? Of course the orrifying plastic hair clip.

Hillary Clinton hair clip

After this fashion horror show I’ll just be honest with you. I personally have and wear all of these items. Except for the hair clip, but just because I have short hair. I’m pretty sure no one cook with a suit or heels on. At the end of the day, after having see us with no make up on, with messy hair and terrible outfits, if our boyfriends/husbands haven’t left yet, it means that they really, really love us, right?


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