January: it’s time for yoga


Christmas time is now behind us. Unfortunately we ate a little bit more than we were supposed to and now we are starting the 2016 with some extra pounds on us. We all know what the solution is: eat healthy and exercise. In order to do that, I mean exercise regularly, we should find a sport that really suits us. For me it’s yoga. Actually yoga is much more than a simple sport, it’s more a philosophy, a lifestyle. No wonder meditation is such an important part. But no worries: even if you’re not into meditation or chanting mantra you could still benefit from some asana or sun salutations.

Personally what I love the most about yoga is that you don’t need to worry about your performance. The goal is the perfection of the posture but in order to do that you need to listen to your body and pay attention to your breath, trying to get better a bit at a time. I would say that yoga is more about process than results.

If you felt inspired by my wise word and you feel like trying yoga, here’s everything you need to exercise. But you don’t really need any special equipment, just you. Namaste!

To avoid your shirt sliding down when doing Sirsasana (if you don't what it is take a look here) choose a fit form t-shirt, Adidas by Stella McCartney (available on Zalando)
<img src="pantaloniadidas.png" alt="pantaloni fitness adidas" />
Pants Adidas (available on Zalando) : leggings without buttons or zips are the best options
<img src="pantaloniadidas.png" alt="pantaloni fitness adidas" />
Sweat shirt Prana (available on Zalando)
Yoga Mat, ReYoga
For beginners: cork block to help alignement, ReYoga
<img src="hmprod.jpg" alt="coperta-pail-hm" />
To keep us warm during final relaxation, blanket H&M
<img src="hmprod.jpg" alt="coperta-pail-hm" />
Sport bag Adidas (available on Zalando)
To hold onto your feet even if you cannot reach them, strap Bodhi Yoga

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