Hollywood Film Awards: best and worst

The Hollywood Film Awards are a motion picture award ceremony held annually since 1997 in Los Angeles. There are plenty of ceremonies like this throughout the year and this, let me say that, is not as glamourous as the Golden Globe Awards or the Oscars. But the Hollywood Film Awards is the event that kicks of the film awards season which usually ends with most prestigious award ceremony, The Academy Awards in February or early March. So let’s take this opportunity to warm up while we wait for something more exciting!

Hollywood Film Awards: the best

Camilla Alves in Georges Hobeika

Deciding who wore the best outfit wasn’t easy at all. I loved Matthew McConaughey’s wife outfit because it was simple and classy. But she barely made it to “the best list”. That belt almost ruined everything.


Julianne Moore in Tom Ford

Julianne Moore knows how to wear a sequin dress. A total sequins look can be too much, instead she wears it with grace and elegance.


Naomi Harris in Gucci

Choosing the right outfit for a red carpet is no picnic. Plus, as I said, it’s not the Oscars so you don’t want to go too overboard. Well Naomi got it right. With a silver metallic Gucci tuxedo she looked elegant and appropriate for the event. Accessories, make up and hair style are simple but classy. Love it.


Hollywood Film Awards: the worst

Janelle Monàe

The idea per se wasn’t so bad. But as a result she looks like an Oompa Loompa. The choker, which I really hate, did the rest.


Bryce Dallas Howard

Bryce Dallas Howard was playing the role of a “small-town middle-age woman who wants to try a little bit of animalier print but doesn’t dare to go too far”.


Loretta Devine

You know when you buy some new clothes and you can’t wait to wear. Well, someone decided to wear them all at the same time. Problem is, they are all pretty much awful.


Hollywood Film Awards: best or worst?

It might sound silly but I couldn’t decide whether those outfits were good or bad. What do you think about them?

Kate Hudson in Marchesa

She’s gorgeousand that is out of discussion. But there’s something about this dress that I’m reallhy liking. Is it the flowers? Possibly. It didn’t convince me though.


Lily Collins

A simple dress with a simple design. I like the top, not so much the skirt. The overall look isn’t so bad, maybe the make up is a little too gothic for her.


Nicole Kidman in Giambattista Valli

The dress is beautiful but it’s weird how the super romantic dress would make her look like a very, very old lady.


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