Grunge is back

Everything comes back in fashion sooner or later. And when grunge came back it made me feel old. Why? Well grunge was something that I experienced as a teenager and now I realize that 20 years have passed. I'm in complete shock. 

Anyway here's 3 clues that made me realized that grunge is back on.

The fashion shows

Designers put back on runways lumberjack plaid shirts and slip dress like those that Courtney Love used to wear.



Courtney Love & Nasty Gal

Grunge icon and wife of the grunge uber-icon Kurt Cobain, Courtney Love has just launched a capsule collection for Nasty Gal. Lots of slip dresses, laces and (torn) fishnet stockings. Let me tell you something: for most of the items I wasn't sure if they were underwear garments or not. I'm pretty sure Courtney Love would wear them to the supermarket which doesn't make it clearer for me. 

Courtney Love Nasty Gal
Courtney Love capsule collection for  Nasty Gal "Love, Courtney"

The comeback of Dr. Martens

In the 90's Dr. Martens were a must. Of course I had them, but since I wanted to be different from everyone else I bought a velvet pair and a tartan pair: loved them and used them for a long time. Then the 90's passed and Dr. Martens were forgotten; it's been a few years since they're back in business and celebrities seem to love them too.

doctor martens
Keira Knightley, Gwen Stefani e Jessica Alba wearing Dr. Martens


Before moving forward I have a confession to make: I don't feel very comfortable seeing grunge being so trending today. Today, there's no grunge music, no Kurt Cobain, no sign of protest. It's just another fashion trend. In the 90's for grunge bands fashion wasn't an issue at all: just old clothes bought from thrift stores. So, to me spending thousand of dollars to look sloppy it's kind of weird and pointless. I saw Justin Bieber wear a Nirvana t-shirt for crying out loud! But, of course it was a deluxe version which costed only 1400 dollars (!)

That said, let's talk about the lumberjack shirt. Without it there's no grunge. It's also an iconic garment for hipsters too. But sorry guys, to me the shirt is 100% grunge. This time I decided to use it in a more glamour outfit.



Grunge glam

Cheap Monday embellished top
€39 -

Black skirt
€16 -

Vegan boots
€36 -

Street Level black handbag
€36 -

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