Cropped pants: how to wear them

Before talking about this latest trend, the cropped pants, I really need to get something out of my chest. I’ve always been in a love-hate relationship with pants. On one hand I adore them because they’re so comfortable but also so versatile that you can go from day to night by simply change some accessories. On the other hand finding pants with a perfect fit it’s like embarking on a quest to find the holy Graal. They’re either too wide, too long, too tight on the hips… The best way to ruin a perfect day? Go to a store and try some pants on. It works. All the time.

So that’s maybe why I’m a little skeptical about the cropped pants trend. Pants that are short and wide? Well that really seems like a recipe for disaster. But we have seen a lot of them lately so I feel compelled to talk about them.

Cropped pants: designers

Da sinistra: Dior, Massimo Rebecchi, Tommy Hilfiger
Da sinistra: H&M, Max&Co, Cos

Well maybe I don’t like them because I’m petite and that isn’t really the perfect fit for me. But I’ve been reserching a lot and I think we can steal some tips from celebrities and bloggers.

Cropped pants: how to wear them

Da sinistra: Victoria Beckham, Olivia Palermo, Stella McCartney


Choose soft fabrics: they make the pants look chic and are more forgiving.

Wear heels, always. The fit of those pants is really dangerous, we definetely need to add a few inches.

The high waist really works. It makes the legs look longer and that is all we need.

Cropped pants: how NOT to wear them


Boots aren’t the best match for wide leg pants. Even heeled boots. It’s always better to wear shoes that leave the ankles exposed.

Do not carry big bags. The pants are already making us look shorter we don’t need a bag to help with that.

Beware the lenght. If they’re too short they’re just bermudas and, well, that’s a whole other story.


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