Bare legs in winter? No, thanks

Do you wear tights in winter? I know, it sounds like a crazy question, but it seems that lately walking around with freezing temperatures bare legged, has become a trend. Last week I read an interview with Anna dello Russo; she said that she doesn’t use tights or socks and she also like to wear summer sandals in winter. Well, I don’t know in which part of my closet my summer shoes are, so I don’t think that this is going to work…

Anna Dello Russo in Milan during the fashion week in January (Instagram)
Fashionistas showed off their legs during fashion week in New York in February. Credits:

This trend isn’t actually so new. For the past ten (or more) years Miuccia Prada has recommended to get rid of socks in winter. It took a while, but Miuccia can rest assured: last week I saw a woman wearing a skirt and sandals and no tights. It seemed like hypothermia hadn’t kicked in yet.

Coat and sandals: a must for Miuccia

Bare legs in winter? No, thanks

I usually am very reluctant when it comes to show my legs. And it’s not just because I’m always cold. There are other reasons that make me say no, thanks.

The cold

Obviously the first and main reason is the cold weather. Winter means cold, cold means covering up. At least until today.


Let’s be honest girls. In winter waxing isn’t as accurate as it is in summer. I’m not saying to grow a fur, of course. But remember that wearing no tights means perfectly waxed legs all year round. Just think about it.


What I said for waxing goes for tanning. In winter we just forget about how pale our legs look. Well, sure, we could go to the solarium, but we always have so much to do that trying to squeeze in a tanning appointment seems a little too much. As far as I’m concerned I am always pale: summer, winter, I don’t care. My nickname is Casper, but this is a whole other story…

If you still feel like trying to follow this trend, check these tips How to do bare legs in winter: a five-point plan

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