The top bags of 2016

What’s the new trend for bags in 2016? If you take a look at runway shows you’ll notice that bags have shrunk. 2016 is all about small bags.

Hand bags

1. Louis Vuitton 2. Miu Miu 3. Chanel

Crossbody bags

1 Lanvin 2. Salvatore Ferragamo 3. Chloè

I know exactly what you’re thinking: where do I put all my stuff in such a small bag? And when I say stuff I mean: wallet (which nowadays is as big as a clutch), phone (which nowadays is as big as a tablet), keys, car keys, kleenex and other sanitary products. And that’s not all, there also are bags filled with things that help us get through the day: snacks, cigarettes, make up and meds. So what do we do? Maybe there’s a solution. Maybe we don’t need all that stuff and we should just let go of the bargain we are carrying with us. Yeah, but I got to keep some kleenex, I have a permament cold. Well I guess I could do without my make up…even if it’s nice to freshen up a bit after a few hours out. I guess I’ll have to keep my antihistamine as well, you never know…Ok, I give up! Any suggestion girls?

While you’re thinking about it, here’s some ideas

Pale pink crossbody bag, Michael, Michael Kors (available on Zalando)
<img src="pantaloniadidas.png" alt="pantaloni fitness adidas" />
Vintage look bag, Tammy & Benjamin 
<img src="pantaloniadidas.png" alt="pantaloni fitness adidas" />
With applied flowers, Furla
Leather bag with fabric inserts, Cosmoparis, (available on Zalando)
A classic model with peach colour, Aldo
<img src="hmprod.jpg" alt="coperta-pail-hm" />
With fringe, Rebecca Minkoff (available on Zalando)
<img src="hmprod.jpg" alt="coperta-pail-hm" />
Mini bag with printed flowers, Coccinelle
Bright yellow, Accessorize

Reptile and Substance Crossbody Bag, Nasty Gal

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